February 28, 2017

Small Business Success Strategies

Small-business owners have a busy job, and a challenging one. Managing all aspects of an operation can be overwhelming. But, as strong supporters of small-business owners, we at iCapital want to see our clients excel. So, we created this ebook of small-business success strategies to help ensure that your business journey is a prosperous one. 

This starts with your finances. Have you considered how you’ll fund your business beyond your first year, and calculate your operating costs thereafter? When crunching numbers, we also strongly encourage that you focus solely on your business, without any interference from your personal finances. We’ll give you some tips on how to make sure there’s no overlap. 

Once your finances are in order, we’ll guide you through some growth strategies as you forge ahead with business forecasting. We’ll take a look at how the structure of your company can save you money, along with some simple strategies for managing your seasonal inventory. Lastly, we’ll cover some staffing and wage considerations to guarantee that all of your employees are your most valued employees. Remember: their teamwork makes your dream work. 


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We only have four criteria:

  1. You must have annual gross sales of over $100,000 
  2. Your business has to be in operation for at least twelve months.
  3. No start-ups, construction, home businesses, online businesses, funeral homes, furniture or jewellery stores and cheque cashing businesses.
    You must have a storefront or professional office space.
  4. No open bankruptcies
    Bad credit isn’t a problem—many of our customers have less than perfect credit scores, but we cannot accept applicants with open bankruptcies.
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