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Financing Options

Financing Options

3 financing options to choose from:

Small Business Term Loan

The stress-free small business loan

A term loan is a one-time loan that you repay a set amount daily or weekly over a set number of months (up to 24 months). Term loans do not have an interest rate; rather, a flat fee determined by creditworthiness, length of time in business and other factors is added to the amount borrowed. 

This type of funding suits most businesses and help with immediate needs like purchasing inventory, payroll, replacing broken equipment, upgrades, etc.

  • Terms from 3 month up to 24 months
  • Full transparency about fees 
  • No penalties if you want to pay out at any time
  • The highest security in the industry

Recurring Term Loan

Receive a cash injection every quarter and pay back the money with a fixed weekly payment.

Your business has been navigating unprecedented times over the last few years, making it hard to forecast what the next month looks like, let alone the next quarter.  The Recurring Term Loan is here to help!

How does it work? Receive a cash injection every quarter and pay back the money with a fixed weekly payment.  At the end of the 4-months, you will receive the next lump sum of money! It is that easy.  The Recurring Term Loan gives your business liquidity, allows you to manage your cash flow and keeps your borrowing cost in check.


  • 24 hour approval
  • Next day funding
  • 2 minute online application
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Receive up to $50,000 instantly

Secured Business Loan

The small business loan option for homeowners

A secured loan allows you or your business to tap into lower borrowing rates by using your property as collateral. iCapital secured loans have no restrictions on how you can use the money, and they have better term lengths than other types of loans such as second mortgages.

  • Rates start at 9.99%
  • Access more money than with a term loan or cash advance
  • Term lengths of up to 5 years (compared to a traditional second mortgage term of just 1 year)
  • Payments are principal and interest. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly payment options.
  • No restrictions on how you can use the funds
  • Less-than-perfect credit is OK

How does it work?

How does it work?

Step 1

Step 1

Request an estimate

Complete the 60-second online application telling us your name, company and annual gross sales.

Step 2

Step 2


Fill out our secure application, which includes basic information about your business and contact information. Within 24 hours, a customer care representative will contact you to discuss the best payment frequency for your business and the funding details.

Step 3

Step 3


The automated payment system makes repayment hassle-free and highly secure, thanks to our partnership with DC Bank. And, you can access your account 24/7 through our secure customer portal. You will receive monthly communications, including a summary of your balance.

Do I qualify?

Do I qualify?

We only have 2 criteria:


You must have annual gross sales of over $100,000.


No start-ups. Your business must have a history of at least 6 months of operation.

Great reviews & ratings. Better Service.
100% Canadian.

Why choose iCapital



Having up-to-date equipment and products is a must in the health and beauty industry. We now have new product lines and equipment and can offer services others can't. This financing has made a huge difference to our business.

Robert Caputo | Salon Owner, Scarborough ON

When I decided to renovate my restaurant iCapital came through for me. My account rep, Domenic, was very helpful and made the process really easy. It was completely different from my experience dealing with the banks in the past. And the best part is the cost of the reno paid for itself within the first season!

Rocco Silvaggio | Restaurant Owner, Toronto ON

Raising money for expansion is not easy, but iCapital made it very simple. They helped us move into our dream location and business has never been better! We were most impressed with how fast they replied to our emails and phone calls. It is very reassuring to have this much support.

Deb Hoisington | Pet Store Owner, Sylvan Lake AB

When our slow season came about and the bills started piling up, it was iCapital's fast and easy funding process that got us through. Within seven days we had the money we needed. I strongly recommend iCapital to any business owner trying to raise money for their business.

Neil Pramauntanyatath | Restaurant Owner, Hamilton ON

Do I Qualify?

Check Eligibility

Do I Qualify?

Unfortunately you are not eligible at this time, but things change! Let's stay in touch.
We will contact you if our requirements change and will keep you up to date with our latest services so you wont miss out.