March 31, 2019

5 Ways the Canadian Tariffs on U.S. Goods Will Impact Small Business

It could be several years before the Canadian economy feels the fallout from the Canadian tariffs, but it’s imperative that companies stay one step ahead and address the potential impacts of the Canadian tariffs to small business now.
February 28, 2019

Increase your average receipt with POP sales

Point-of-purchase sales, coupled with compelling displays and meaningful marketing, have the power to increase revenues. Here’s how to make POP offers work for your business.
January 31, 2019

Get more sales from your shelves: 5 visual merchandising tips for retailers

There is more to merchandising than placing inventory onto the nearest shelf. Some experts espouse that there’s a science behind your product displays. One thing we can all agree on though is retailers who amplify their in-store displays see an increase in sales and profits.
December 31, 2018

Six reasons cash advances work well for small businesses

Most businesses reach a point in their life cycle where they need funds. It’s true – even the most successful companies borrow money at some point. Merchant cash advances, also known as MCAs, have been making headlines recently as a quicker and more accessible way to secure funds, when compared to a traditional loan. But, what are they and will they work for your business? Read on for the reasons why a cash advance could be your answer to quick, easy small-business financing.
November 30, 2018

Do’s and don’ts for managing cash flow

You may have heard the saying, “Cash is king.” It’s often used in reference to personal finance, but cash is essential for small businesses, too.. Without adequate cash on hand, you may find yourself in a crunch when it comes to paying suppliers, restocking on inventory, fulfilling a large order or even taking on new customers. Align yourself with these best practices to ensure your small business stays on top of cash flow.
October 31, 2018

Avoid financial penalties: What you need to know about AODA

Small businesses in Ontario have more face-to-face interactions with customers than any other type of business. Whether you refer to these individuals as clients, guests, patients or members, 15 percent of them have a disability.
September 30, 2018

Three big benefits of creating a Google My Business profile

Google it! Consumers rely heavily on Google to answer their most pressing questions. When users search for local goods and services, Google My Business can revolutionize the way your small business appears in results.
August 31, 2018

Six best practices for paying Canadian business taxes

Your small business’ year end has just wrapped up and you’ve finished your team’s T4s. Now what? It’s time to prepare your business’ income taxes. Regardless of your profits, Canadian small-business owners must declare their company’s income details on their tax returns. As a financial services company that works with many Canadian small businesses, we know that tax season can be a stressful time of year. To help, we’ve compiled some best practices that will help you seamlessly file your submission.
July 31, 2018

Five key differences between a term loan and cash advance

If your small business has been operational for some time, you may be in a pinch for extra funds to finance upcoming expenditures. You might need the extra money for location expansion, renovation, equipment upgrades or for extra cash to pay off outstanding bills.
July 23, 2018

eBook: The Power of Marketing your Small Business

As a busy small-business owner, you’re responsible for all aspects of operations. From inventory to cash flow and everything in-between, it can be difficult to give all aspects of your business the attention they deserve. Marketing is often one of the items that easily falls by the wayside. However, marketing is a key driver of your business. It’s what gets customers through the door, and what keeps them coming back for more.
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